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What can I say?

I was born to be an artist.

Heidi, Artist

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The eyes are so lifelike!

This is so much better than the photo!

In my growing up years, I wanted to be a magician.  When I learned that magicians wear tuxedos, I decided that wasn't for me. My next choice was to be a doctor. I loved the idea of being able to make people feel better.
I was going to become a researcher and find the cure for cancer. However, once I got to high school and began to fall in love with drawing and painting on a deeper level, it was clear that my calling was to be an Artist.  


Reflecting on it now, I see there is a magical quality to what art is and can do for us. Both for the artist, and for the one who experiences it.  It can lighten someone's mood, set the tone for a space, express deep feelings, and even heal. Artists are a little like magicians, and perhaps doctors too. We can use our platform to call awareness to important world and community issues.


The focus of my abstract work is expressing the deepest feelings from within me, where words fail.  Subjects universal to the human condition are of most interest to me : the need for love, for acceptance and belonging, for purpose, for relief from suffering, for hope and for beauty.  Visual art allows me to communicate in a unique language, using colors and lines and shapes to express feelings and emotions.  Some of the paintings you see here are available as originals. All of them are available as canvas prints.


I also create commission paintings particular to clients interests. Pets, loved ones, abstract works for their homes/offices and home renderings.


So, what can I paint for you? What would you like to see on your walls?  A portrait of a loved one? A pet? An abstract piece to set the mood for your living space? An energy infused painting for the board room? Soothing tones for a waiting room?  Perhaps a home rendering of a former or current home filled with warm memories? 


Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for "the person who has everything?"  Give them the gift of a custom art piece.  I offer gift certificates for pet portraits, homes, portraits and custom abstract pieces.  
Email me at: to purchase. 




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